Worse than Utah

Don’t get me wrong I am really enjoying living in Utah. The is going well. The new house is great and over all life is wonderful. But no place is perfect. Every place has it’s issues. California has it’s extremely high cost of living. Seattle has it’s constant rain. And Utah has it’s serious lack of coffee. But some places are even worse.

I am currently in Orlando for a business conference. There were a lot of issues I was expecting; how to get around, expensive food, and the Florida heat. I prepared, as best I could, for all of that. For the most part those things have turned out to not be an issue. I ended up getting a rental car, so getting around is a matter of asking Google where things are. Some of my meals are included in the conference. The food hasn’t been the best but good enough to keep you going. The other restaurants I have been to so far haven’t seemed that expensive. As for the Florida heat it hasn’t been that hot either. I am currently outside with a sweater on. It is just a light sweater, but there is a slight breeze so it is nice to have the sweater.

The one BIG thing I wasn’t counting that is so essential to life is coffee, or the lack there of. Up to now I thought Utah was the most coffee void state in the entire country. But I was wrong compared to Orlando Utah is a virtual espressotopia. There are very few DeadDucks (a.k.a Starbucks) here let alone any real coffee.

I have driven and searched and googled. There is nothing, not a single one. I found a few places that sounded good like “Cafe Gaug”, or “Coffee Alego”. But no, espresso is just something they do on the side along with snow cones and caramel apples.

However I am guessing I am wrong. I think most likely there is some decent coffee somewhere in Orlando. The locals most likely hide it very well like buried gold. The don’t want the tourists to find out about their ONE decent espresso place. So they make sure it is never listed on a Google search and locate it down some dark ally in a place no tourist would ever go. I don’t know that I will be lucky enough to find it but it must be there somewhere, how on earth could all of these people live with NO coffee?