Are we moved in yet

Moving is such a long slow process. Well sometimes the getting of your things to the new place happens fairly fast but the unpacking, and sorting, and putting away seems to go on forever. But for everyone, for every family, there is some magical point when you feel you are done. For many that is hanging up the pictures. For others it is putting up the curtains. But for us it was something a little more important. That one essential thing that makes life complete.

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Freezing is still cold

When we first moved to Utah I was working in Provo. There is no good public transit from out house to Provo. Because of that we chose to purchase a Prius since it is about a 30 mile commute each way. That worked out fine. As long as I left before 7:00 AM there was very little traffic and I got to work when the office was still nice and quiet. But then some things changed and now I am working out of the Salt Lake City office. Getting to downtown Salt Lake City turns out to be a rather easy on public transit, but it can be a bit of an adventure.

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We Survived

Air travel is rather safe now a days but this was Sarah’s first ever flight. Because of that Carla and I decided we shouldn’t just abandon her at the drop off zone. We decided to get Sarah a golden ticket. Well actually it was a green tag. But that special tag allowed us to be able to see her off at the gate on her maiden flight. All of that went well and she landed safely in Seattle. However there was one safety issue we didn’t think to consider.

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How salty is it?

We live in Sandy Utah, but for those that don’t live in Utah we just say Salt Lake City because no one outside of the Wasatch Front knows where Sandy is. Oh you don’t know where the Wasatch Front is? I guess that proves my point; so we will say we live in Salt Lake City. This is kind of like people who live in Renton telling out-of-towner’s that they live in Seattle. But if we are going to be telling people we live in Salt Lake City shouldn’t we know something about our city’s name sake.

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When I was growing up Saturday Night Live was a new late night show.  I don’t watch tv much now, so I don’t even know if the show is still running.  So I don’t know what it is like any more if it is running.  But back when I was a child watching it they commonly made the reference to themselves as “Not Ready for Prime Time”.  It was kind of a joke in that it didn’t mean what they said it meant.  They would make comments about how they were not good enough for their show to be airing during prime time, but that wasn’t really the case.  They were quite good.  It wasn’t a lack of acting skills.  It was a lack of fitting in.  Their style of humor and the subject matter they chose simply wasn’t the kind of thing the networks wanted to air during prime time.  So why am I telling you about this ancient tv show? 

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