Not the Same

We were talking about going to the beach. But when we checked the weather report it said it was going to be overcast. Not quite what we wanted but we decided it would still be worth going. But when we went outside we realized this is not the same.

At first, I thought the weather report was just wrong, they all do that a lot. But after I looked around and thought about it a bit I realized we are not in Seattle anymore.

In Seattle when it says “overcast” they mean business. There are clouds, lots of them. These are dark serious clouds covering the sky. It is usually cold and at least somewhat windy. Since there isn’t any sun, when is there sun in Seattle, you can drive without sunglasses.

But in Utah, you NEED your sunglasses, even on “overcast” days. Overcast in Utah is not the same as overcast in Seattle. In Utah “overcast” means if you try hard enough you might be able to say “I spy a cloud”. That is if you look in the right direction and count that small wisp of white fluff as a cloud.

People in Seattle would laugh if you called such things a cloud. But here in Utan not only do they count as clouds, if you can find a couple of them the weather forecast does this magical thing and becomes “overcast”.

To sum it all up “overcast” in Seattle means the clouds are not quite as menacing as on a “cloudy day”. Whereas “overcast” in Utah means you might be able to find a few fluffy cotton balls in the sky somewhere. But Mr. Sun (or is it Miss Sun, or maybe it is Mz Sun, whatever) is still very much going to blind you. You will need your full armament of sunglasses, sunscreen and sun hat.

You see in Utah “overcast” is just ‘I Spy’ in the sky.

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