It’s not just a Commute, It’s an Adventure

As you may recall I live out tin Grantsville. This is a small, very small farming town. The neighbor to the back of us is a field and horse pasture. The neighbor down the street has a few head of cattle. The neighbor, well I think you get the picture. Obviously there are no tech jobs out here so I have to commute, if you can all it that.

When we first moved out here there was only one bus that I could take to get to Salt Lake City where I work. I could catch that bus at 6:22am in the morning. And I could head home at 4:16pm. The only other option was to drive. And then they fixed that.

The Utah Transit Authority decided to add four new runs. I thought that was great. But there are a couple things that didn’t work out quite like I was expecting.

First off the new runs are very early and late in the evening coming home. They add two before my old run and two after. Now this is still a lot better but it would have been nice to see some a bit more spread out. It would be nice to be able to work a half day and still get home.

Then there is the adventure part. One day while I was waiting for the bus the drive almost hit me. When I got onto that but he made a bid deal about being to the side of the road. But the old bus driver told me to step out or he wouldn’t see me.

Then there was the day when we were in stop and go traffic. All of these bus drivers are new and it was quite clear this driver needed a bit more training on braking. The bus was constantly lurching forward and screeching to a halt.

Then there is the schedule, or the keeping there of. Well they don’t. The big question is usually how late will they be. Most of the time they are only 5 or 10 minutes late. But the other day they were almost an hour late.

So commuting is an adventure for now. For now while all of these new bus drivers learn how to drive better and learn how to keep to a schedule better. And learn everything else they need to to be a good bus driver.

There are times I get a bit frustrated with it all, but then I recall when I was driving a large bus in the army. Even after I got my license there was still a lot to learn. Driving something three or four times longer than your car takes a bit of getting use to.

So commuting is an adventure for now, but I know eventually they will learn and things will be fine. Everyone is new at the job at some point.

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