The Best Part of Summer

Growing up I hated school so I couldn’t wait for summer. It was never long enough and school always starts too soon. But over the years my perspective has changed. Now for me the best part of summer is…

The best part of summer is when it is over.

While summer does have a few perks, over all it is too hot and too long. What I like best is when it is finally over, because that is when my favorite season starts, SPRING.

I love spring for so many reasons. First off it starts getting cooler. Summer is just too hot for me. On the other hand spring is just right, not too cold and not too hot. Then there are the colors, the colors are so beautiful. I love taking walks in wooded areas and just enjoy all of the color.

So hopefully soon we will be taking some nice spring color drives and walks. I hope to have wonderful pics for you soon.

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