Back to Normal

Since we moved to Utah every summer, two so far, we take a trip to Seattle to visit our friends and family there. Of course it is great seeing everyone and the Pacific North West is always beautiful. But there is always that in-between when things just don’t seem right.

So I should back up a bit, so that you can understand. What we have done every year, all two of them, so far, is…

  1. All of us Utahans head to Seattle
  2. We all stay there for about a week
  3. Carla and I head back to Utah, because I need to get back to work
  4. She goes back to Seattle to be with the kids
  5. I live life by myself for about a week.
  6. Finally everyone, all of the other Utahans, come home

Now the big problem with all of this is the fifth stage, where I am in Utah by myself. This always feels very wrong, like I am in the Twilight Zone or something. Nothing works the way it should.

I get home from work and there is no one there. I think it is time for dinner and it isn’t there. I go to watch a movie with my wonderful wife and she isn’t there. It just seems so wrong.

Now anyone that knows me much at all knows I am an introvert. I don’t need a room full of people to be happy. But I do need a few. Being all by myself for over a week just feels wrong.

But now everyone is home. Life is back to normal and I am VERY happy. Even better we are hoping to avoid this next year, so hopefully I will not have to go through this horrible isolation again.

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