The Apple Card

If you are not a fan of Apple products you may not know this, but Apple now has a credit card. Like everything Apple does it is quite different.

But before we get to the card let me deal with a likely question, ‘Why is Apple making a credit card, they are not in the banking business?’. For sure in the past Apple had nothing to do with banking. On the other hand just over a dozen years ago Apple wasn’t in the phone business either. Granted phones seem closer to computers than banks, but Apple has often stretched beyond it’s current boundaries.

On to the Apple Card, it is quite unique. It doesn’t have any numbers on it. No credit card number, no security code number, in fact it has very little on it. It has a few etched logos, Apple, Goldman Sachs (the issuing bank) and the MasterCard log. Then it has your name printed on it. That is it.

All of this makes it impossible for a dishonest merchant to steel your card number, there isn’t one. That is the main thing that attracted me to it. Yes I am an Apple fan, but I don’t buy everything Apple has. But I had my credit card number stolen by a convenience store clerk on a business trip, so I was looking for a way to prevent this.

The other thing you notice right away when you pick up the card is that it isn’t plastic. It is made out of titanium. I don’t know why. I guess Apple just had to be different this way, but you really notice the difference. It gives it a light yet solid feel.

Another thing that is totally different about this card is how you get it. At first you sign up on your iPhone and it is added to your Apple Wallet. Getting the physical card is optional. In fact my first couple purchase with it were with out the physical card. But I wanted the card for when I can’t use Apple Pay.

Getting the card was quite different too. It isn’t sent in a simple envelope like most banks do. It is sent in a Fedex package. Inside that package is a brown box. Inside the brown box is a typical Apple white packaging.

I could go on, there is so much about this card that is different. It gives you instant updates when you purchase things. For every purchase you get a small percent back. It is very tied to your iPhone. But one of the fun differences is seeing people use it.

My first purchase with the physical Apple Card was getting some coffee. When I handed it to the lady she kind of looked at it like ‘what is this?’. She turned it around a few times. I think she was looking for the numbers, that were not there. I finally told her she could swipe it like any other card. At that point she did so and handed it back to me. I am guessing my first few purchase with it will result in similar reactions until people get use to it.

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