As the Years Go By

Some people look back with regret.  Some people look back wondering where all the time went.  Some people look back wishing they could return to a past time.  But after over 30 years of marriage, if you are lucky, you are too busy looking forward to spend much time looking back. 

For me, even though I am almost 60, life is still very much alive and moving forward.  I still am very involved in my kid’s lives.  I still have a career I am moving forword in.  I am still very much in love with my beautiful wife.

What is life like now?  It is exciting.  Not Jame Bond exciting, but exciting in that life seems to keep opening new doors for us.  For many life is very predictable, but that has never been the case for us.  Sometimes I wish it was.  Oh we have settled into our routines at times, but they never seem to last that long. It seems just about the time we get to thinking this is the way life is, it changes.

There are times it would be nice to know what is around the corner.  But maybe then, for us, life would get boring.  Maybe for us life needs that excitment of not knowing, and so it has been.

When we got married we knew we wanted to have a family. We never put a number to that.  But we trusted God on this issue and so we are blessed with ten wonderful kids.  Having a family of this size alone makes for a lot of excitement, but unlike some families we didn’t push our kids to conform, we encouraged them to be individuals.

We have moved more times than I care to recall. My career has had its twists and turns. Our faith has evolved over the years as God has revealed his heart to us.

I think the biggest impetuous to all of this change and excitement is that we have always kept an open mind. Open to hearing other views and new ideas. Open to changing our life as we learn. Open to embracing all that God has for us. As I write this I think of all of the exciting things going on in our lives.

Cherishing the past is wonderful, we have so many great memories. It is nice to take out some time every now and then to look at old pictures. But most of the time I am far too busy embracing what I see over the horizon and growing as God opens new doors. Lord willing that will never change.

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