Is it Summer Yet?

I don’t know about the rest of the world but Utah seems to have been confused on this one. We had a rather wet spring, which was good since we had been in a drout the past few years. We had a few warm days but then it would drop down to the 50’s. So I kept wondering, “Is it Summer yet?”

Officially Summer started a few weeks ago. But I don’t think anyone remembered to tell Mother Nature that. All throughout June, we would have a few warm days in the 80’s then a few cold days in the 60’s. So it was quite clear something was off.

But luckily for us Mother Nature turns out to be rather patriotic. Because right before the 4th of July parade things started to change. We started having consistent temperatures in the 80’s and the rain stopped. By the time it was time for the parade we were having consistently sunny weather.

Now we have the opposite complaint, it is too hot. The weather has been in the high 80’s and 90’s. They are telling us we will be breaking a hundred soon. Fortunately it is a dry heat and there is usually at least a light breeze.

But it is almost August, which means Fall, my favorite season is just around the corner. And shortly after that we can be complaining about the rain and snow again. Aren’t the seasons wonderful, you always have something to complain about.

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