How is it now?

I have moved many times in my life. When it is a desired move usually the first few months are some what exciting. Everything is new. Every time you leave your house it is another adventure. Usually after a few months you have learned where everything is. By this time you have met your neighbors and settled into your community. The adventure is over and “real” life takes over. So is Utah old hat for us now that we have been here for over a year?

I would say the simple answer is NO. For sure we know where everything is. Even in our new home in Grantsville we have figured out where everything is. Of course given how small Grantsville is that isn’t saying much. But let’s just leave this topic with, we have our map pretty well written in our heads.

But knowing where things are is only part of living in a new place. Another part is your appreciation of what the new area has to offer. After a while you tend to just take things for granted. But in this area, for me, Utah is still very new.

Just going to work I often have a small personal celebration of the natural beauty that is Utah. The sun rise of the Rocky Mountains is often spectacular. Just about any direction you look the vistas are amazing. Often you can look in one direction and see a fierce storm and in the other direction and see a beautiful sun rise.

When I get off the bus in downtown Salt Lake City I am always amazed at how an hour bus ride can make such a big difference, from quiet rural Grantsville to the “big city”. Well at least it is a big city compared to anything else around us. SLC is rather small compared to Seattle but it is still a city, much of which I have yet to explore

The other day I had some extra time so I took a long lunch break and just walked around a few blocks from where I work. I found a new path to the mall and some interesting shops. I have maybe explored 10% of the city, so there are many new things to find.

Then there is the rest of Utah. We went on a number of hikes last summer, but there are still a lot more we have not done. We are currently planning out new places to explore this summer.

So no I am not done with Utah being new. I still am in awe of all of the natural beauty all around me. I am still enjoying the serenity of the quiet country town we now live in. I am still meeting new friends and exploring new places. It is well over a year since we moved here and I am still regularly thanking HaShem for all He has blessed us with here. I may some day get used to it all, but I hope the awe and gratitude never ends.

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