Are we moved in yet

Moving is such a long slow process. Well sometimes the getting of your things to the new place happens fairly fast but the unpacking, and sorting, and putting away seems to go on forever. But for everyone, for every family, there is some magical point when you feel you are done. For many that is hanging up the pictures. For others it is putting up the curtains. But for us it was something a little more important. That one essential thing that makes life complete.

For us it is finally having the perfect spot for that all important center of life, our Mocha Bar. But this wasn’t a simple thing. Some things like putting up curtains are just a matter of considering a few esthetic elements and choosing something that works. But this took lots of planning. We had to consider where all of the syrups would go. We had to plan out a good place for all of the essentials; spoons, mugs, chocolate and most of all coffee beans.

So we planned and we planned. We had one plan that we liked. We liked it so much that we almost started getting the supplies to build it. Fortunately that didn’t happen because a few days later we found some flaws in that plan. But we were determined to come up with just the right place to build our Mocha Bar, so we kept at it. After countless hours of discussion and planning we came up with plan B. This one really seemed good. It solved some of our earlier problems. There was just one issue, this plan required us to find a kitchen cart that would serve as the foundation of our Mocha Bar. But we had never seen one that had the feature we needed. Was plan B doomed to failure too?

NO, we were determined, so let the hunt begin. We searched store after store. We searched new and used stores. We searched online and offline. One day we had been out for hours going from one store to another without much luck. We found a few that would kind of work, but not the dream we were looking for. Were our hopes going to be dashed. Were our expectations just too high. Again I say no.

It was getting late in the day and we were already past the time we said we were going to head home, but we wanted to go to one last store. As we drove up to that store we saw a great big banner stating that they were having a going out of business sale. Everything was 50% to 70% off. Could this be it? Could this store hold the key to ultimate happiness?

As we entered the store it was clear this sale had been going on for a while. Everything was a mess and about half the store was empty. Maybe we were too late. But we didn’t loose faith; on to the hunt it was. We searched down this aisle and that one. I found some furniture but nothing there. Finally I saw in the distance another collection of furniture. At first there was nothing. Just couches and tables and such. But then I saw in the back were some kitchen carts. The first one I came to was way too small. Another one was a bit too big. But then there was one that was just right.

This one was way beyond our dreams. I had seen carts like this online but they were way beyond our budget, so we didn’t even consider getting one. But here, at this store, at 70% off, it was within our reach. This one had lots of drawers for all our assortment of barista implements. It has large drawers for cups and syrups and other things. And it has this beautiful granite counter to make our mocha machine shine even more.

So without further adu I present you the “Postman’s Mocha Bar”.

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