Why so Quiet

For anyone who reads this blog, does anyone ready this blog, oh, I do, so I guess I have at least one reader, or is that cheating? Well as I was saying, for anyone who reads this blog, that’s me, you may have noticed that not much has been coming out of it lately.

That is because we have been very busy getting a new house. Originally we were going to wait another year or two. Then some things changed and we decided to do some looking. We found a really nice town that has reasonable priced houses. So after a bit of looking we found a house we like. In fact the more we looked at it and compared it to other houses the more we REALLY liked it.

We had already been approved for the loan, so everything looked fairly simple. First, we make an offer and wait to see if the owner accepts; he did. Next we get the loan and buy the house, oops. That one didn’t go according to plan.

We were pre-approved what could go wrong. It would take more time and digital ink than I care to spend to list all of the things that went wrong. Maybe some day I will write a book about it all. That book would be called the “The F-Team and how not to buy a house”, or something like that. Lets just leave it at the mortgage broker we were working with messed up and then messed up some more and then messed up some more and . . . . .

With each mess up we lost more confidence in them being able to actually do their job, get us a valid loan. And with each mess up we were getting shorter and shorter on time. We needed to meet the financing deadline if we were going to buy the house. We were getting very stressed out and depressed. We had found a great house, but at the rate things were going it didn’t look like we were going to ever get the loan to be able to buy it.

Finally we decided we had to take charge of the ‘getting a loan’ process ourselves. The mortgage brokers we were working with were not the only game in town. We had accounts at a number of other financial institutions. Could one of them possibly help? We considered a number of factors and finally decided to give one a try; we will call them the A-Team.

My first conversation with the A-Team went very well. They were fairly sure they could get the loan for us, but I would have to talk to one of their mortgage specialists. The next day we had a meeting with the mortgage specialist. He not only was confident he could get the loan for us, he was quite sure he could expedite things and get us back on track to purchase the house on our original schedule.

The A-Team went beyond that. We just wanted to find a way to save our home purchase. But as we discussed our finances they came up with other ways to save us money. So we left that day with a new loan plan and confidence we were going to be able to get the house we wanted.

The next couple weeks were quite busy as we prepared for our move. We had stuff to pack and prepare. We still had financial things to do, but the A-team kept us on track. When the closing day came everything was ready. We signed all of the paperwork and are now the owner of a great new house in Grantsville, Utah.

Of course there is still a lot more to say about our new house and the area we are moving to. But right now we are quite busy with moving. As soon as I find time I will share more about our house, our move, and a lot more.

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