When I was growing up Saturday Night Live was a new late night show.  I don’t watch tv much now, so I don’t even know if the show is still running.  So I don’t know what it is like any more if it is running.  But back when I was a child watching it they commonly made the reference to themselves as “Not Ready for Prime Time”.  It was kind of a joke in that it didn’t mean what they said it meant.  They would make comments about how they were not good enough for their show to be airing during prime time, but that wasn’t really the case.  They were quite good.  It wasn’t a lack of acting skills.  It was a lack of fitting in.  Their style of humor and the subject matter they chose simply wasn’t the kind of thing the networks wanted to air during prime time.  So why am I telling you about this ancient tv show? 

Because I am going to be starting a NRPT section for my blog.  It will be on a separate page and none of those posts will ever be seen on the home page.  But like Saturday Night Live it won’t be because the quality of the content isn’t up to snuff.  It will simply be that they don’t fit on the home page.  The main focus of this blog has been, as the tagline says “A Seattleite’s Journeys in Utah”.  For the most part I have kept the topics on the light side.  I have injected some humor and at times some reflection.

I believe there are topics worth sharing that don’t quite fit that.  Some just have nothing to do with a Seattleite in Utah, but other wise follow the flow of the style I have kind of tried to keep.  Others will be more technical potentially flowing from my career or other areas.  Then there will be some that are not such lite reading.

Over the years I have found a wonderful and totally backword thing happening in my life.  As I have gotten older I have become more and more open minded.  Now don’t let that lead you to the opinion that I don’t have any opinions.  I do and some would say I am very opinionated.  But as I have grown older I have become brave enough to listen to both sides of the story giving each equal viability.  

This has lead to some rather unusual perspectives on things.  While who I am at the core hasn’t changed, I am still very conservative with an equal focus on God and science, I have at times embraced perspectives that are opposite of what some might expect.  These stories will likely not be seen as ‘lite’.  Because of that I will have a content warning at the top of them just in case the title isn’t a give away.

So you my readers have a choice.  You can stick with this home page which will stay on the light and fun side of things.  You can venture to the NRPT page and only read the “safe” articles, or if you wish you can read some of the ‘dangerous’ articles that may be a bit challenging, or simply not what you have grown to expect from this blog.  

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