Flags and Farewells

One thing we noticed right after moving to Utah is flags, American flags.  Sure everyone, every state has American flags.  But in Seattle you have to go to a post office or fire station to see one.  Not so in Utah.

There are American flags everywhere.  And I am not talking about the little five or ten foot ones.  Oh we have those in Utah, but we also have those ten story tall ones.  The kind you can see for miles on the freeway.  I’m sure now you are thinking sure at the capital or other major government buildings.  That may be, I have never been to any of those yet, but the ten story flags we see are at various businesses.

Not only are there quite a few of these monster flags there are other flags everywhere.  Some people or business have the simple 20 or 30 foot flag polls.  Others only have the small five foot ones, but they have dozens of them.  At one point we took an hour drive and counted almost a hundred flags.

I can’t say for sure, but my assumption is that the difference in the number of  American flags between Seattle and Utah is the dominate political persuasion.  My thinking goes something like this Utah is predominately conservative, conservatives are more patriotic, patriotic people are more proud of their country, people who are proud of their country fly more flags.  Whereas in Seattle the political landscape leans more to the left, left leaning people seem to focus on all of the things they don’t like about the country, such people tend to be on the grumpy side, grumpy people are not happy, not happy people are sad people, sad people don’t fly flags.

On the other hand it could just be that in Utah we have that yellow orb shining all the time so the flags really look nice.  Because of that we fly a lot of flags because it makes the country side look so nice.  On the other hand Seattle may not be flying that many flags because some people are too busy burning them.

Whatever the reason we have a lot of flags everywhere.  Not only do they make for a pretty landscape, they provide two important news services.

First off they tell us the weather report.  Well not the whole report but as I drive home I never have to wonder if it is windy or not.  All I have to do is look up at the next flag I pass by, which is never too long, and see if it waving or not.  Of course you have to take into consideration the size of the flag.  It takes a lot less wind to move a small flag than a big one.  When I drive by one of those monster ten story flags and you can see every star and strip I know it is VERY windy outside.

Then they tell us about important national events; unfortunately, only the sad ones.  Such as when I drove home today and all of the American flags are at half mast as the whole state says farewell to President George H. W. Bush.  Or when they morned with me over the synagogue shooting a few weeks past.  Although it is a sad task they have to perform in these moments, it is these moments of reflection that help us remember, the cost of freedom, the joy of life and hopefully to be more thankful for all that God has given us.

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