All the Arches

Well not really.  They say there are over two thousand arches in Arches National Park.  We saw about a dozen of them.  So this is about all the arches we saw.  They seem to come in all shapes and sizes.  But all of them are amazing.  Although they explain how they were made over millions of years, it doesn’t keep them from being amazing..

All of the kids liked Sandy Arch the best.  I think that is because you felt like you were in a scene from an Indiana Jones movie.  It had the added advantage that it had sand everywhere.  It almost felt like a playground with all of the sand and playful shaped rocks.

I think my favorite was Double Arch.  These were two huge arches connected at one point.  Some of the arches you could just view from a distance others you could actually go into.  Double Arch was one that you could go into.  It was a short walk but then you had to do some climbing if you wanted to get a close up look. So I and some of the kids did that.  We got up under the arches.  It was amazing.

There were other great arches.  There was football arch.  You could not get up to this one.  But even from a distance it was spectacular.  Some more than others seemed to defy gravity.  These huge arches suspended over such a large chasm.  Beyond the arches was the landscape.  Everywhere you looked it was amazing.  It seemed like you could see forever.  There were many points where you could see a maze of canyons and mesas.

In ways it makes you feel very small and insignificant.  These arches, canyons, and mesas have been millions of years in the making and will last for millions of years more, long past when we are all gone.  But as we drive home and I look over this unbelievable landscape I think about what someone once told me,  how astronomically unlikely it was for everything to come together for life to exist on earth.

The earth needed to be just the right distance from the sun.  Much closer and we would all burn up.  Much further and we would all freeze.  The earth had to be just the right size to produce and maintain an atmosphere that would sustain life.  The list goes on and on.  When you realize that God did all of this just so we could be, that puts it all back into perspective.  The arches are amazing, but they are just part of His creation and the life He gave us.

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