The Yellow Orb

You may have never heard of such a thing, unless of course you are a Seattleite.   You see Seattle is the land of endless rain.  Oh it does stop once in a while.  But it isn’t really stopping it is more like it is taking a break.  And we all know that.  People visiting will say ‘Look it stopped raining’.  But anyone that has lived there long will just smile.  That kind of smile you give someone when they are naively wrong.  For any true Seattleite knows the rain only takes breaks to refuel for more.

For the most part life in Seattle is simple.  What color is the sky, gray.  What is the weather like, rain.  Some times more of a mist, other times more of well rain, but overall it is very predictable.

At least most of the time.  But then after days, weeks, months of peace and persistent precipitation an extraordinary thing happens.  It is so rare, so unusual, so not normal for Seattleites we don’t know what to do.  We don’t know what to call it.  It is simply known as the “Yellow Orb” .

You might ask what is it, we don’t know.  It is this strange large orb in our sky.  But it doesn’t look like our sky.  This thing, this yellow orb, changes our beloved gray sky to this strange blue expanse.  Even worse it scares away all of our clouds.  No gray, no clouds, no rain maybe the end is coming.  The world as we know it seems to have vanished.

But Seattleites are a strong type of people.  We believe in our majestic mountains.  We believe in our beautiful trees.  And we believe in our wonderful gray sky.  Yes the Yellow Orb shows up and throws our world into turmoil but true Seattleites have faith we know our soft comforting gray skies will return.

So while the Yellow Orb may show up and make our lives uncomfortable we persevere for we know this will soon pass.  Seattle will return to it’s normal gray sky.  As for the rest of the world we hear astonishing stories of extraordinary places where the Yellow Orb lives all the time.


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