It’s not just a Commute, It’s an Adventure

As you may recall I live out tin Grantsville. This is a small, very small farming town. The neighbor to the back of us is a field and horse pasture. The neighbor down the street has a few head of cattle. The neighbor, well I think you get the picture. Obviously there are no tech jobs out here so I have to commute, if you can all it that.

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You know you live in the country when

It takes you 15 minutes off the freeway to get to your house.  You are driving through pastures and fields at 65 MPH.  Utahans don’t seem to believe in slow country roads.

There are cattle and sheep across from city hall.

When the wind blows a certain way you KNOW your neighbors have livestock.  

You see tractors driving down Main St.

Your neighbor has to bundle up their hay.

For sure some of these take more getting use to then others.  If we lived in the city we would not have to tend with all of this.  But we are enjoying Grantsville.  It is quiest and peacefull, unless of course our neighbors cattle get loose down the street.

First Hike of the Summer

I know today was Father’s day but that really had nothing to do with it. We had planned on going on a hike last Sunday but other things came up and it just didn’t happen. Because of that we decided we would make sure and clear our calendar to have a hike the next weekend, this weekend. It wasn’t until a few days ago that we realized that today is Fathers day.

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How is it now?

I have moved many times in my life. When it is a desired move usually the first few months are some what exciting. Everything is new. Every time you leave your house it is another adventure. Usually after a few months you have learned where everything is. By this time you have met your neighbors and settled into your community. The adventure is over and “real” life takes over. So is Utah old hat for us now that we have been here for over a year?

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Changing more than geography

As humans in the modern world we are constantly being told ‘truths’ about all kinds of things.  Without ever thinking about it we seem to almost instantly analyze and rank these ‘truths’.  My mom or teacher told me such and such I will rank it as a “real truth”.  I heard a stranger on the street say something about the same topic.  I will instantly rank that as a questionable ‘truth’.  My friend said something about this I will rank that somewhere in-between.  Then there are those things that we question.  But our modern life is so busy we don’t tend to question things unless they are very important.  Because of this most things that we receive from trusted sources we just take on face value.  At least that is the way my brain works.  And then there are those rare situations where you are forced to reconsider a long held belief.  Today is such a day.

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